Checklist #3: Tools as Value Driver to Create Double Digits Returns

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In almost any article on the commercial & contract management innovation space, you read the following simple message; tools are boosting your sales or reducing your procurement spent. However, we like to pass on the reality and the disclaimer, that this message is only true if you fixed the People and Process innovation first. This […]

Contract Management Innovation Provides Low Hanging Fruits On Top Line Growth

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Our team returned from the exciting experience of the 2018 IACCM EMEA Conference in Krakow last week. Already for a decade a member of the International Association of Contract & Commercial Management, we are not surprised to see that the business member growth is exponential. Where in the beginning a large community of lawyers and […]

What ‘Good Looks Like’ In Commercial & Contract Management?

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What ‘Good Looks Like’ Although universal for any business activity, critical for the success of the value outcome in your Commercial & Contract Management is that Process, People & Tools need to be interlinked and need to be in balance with dimensions of the organisation; fit for purpose. For example, only implementing Contract Lifecycle Management doesn’t deliver […]