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Contract Management Innovation Provides Low Hanging Fruits On Top Line Growth

Our team returned from the exciting experience of the 2018 IACCM EMEA Conference in Krakow last week.

Already for a decade a member of the International Association of Contract & Commercial Management, we are not surprised to see that the business member growth is exponential. Where in the beginning a large community of lawyers and contract administrators were visiting these conferences, now we see a representation of any business function related to sales and buy side.

It is the place to be for the business professionals from the sales and buy side and the academic world, to share or to see innovations, success stories and progress with the journey in improving trading relationships.

The thought leadership of IACCM shows proof in converting into tangible results by enhancing contract & commercial management for their member organisations as low hanging fruit.

Last week, the conference had representatives of large corporates such as Boeing, Shell, Airbus, Atos, HPE, DXC, ConocoPhilips, A.P. Møller Mærsk, Capgemini, but also smaller organizations like us, brought proudly their success stories in keynotes or workshops.

For us, BloomingContracts,com, it was the first time that we visited and provided a keynote/workshop in conference together with our regional founding members of the Commercial Transformation Alliance; Unego, ABiz, Kissling Consulting, CCube Consulting, Provations and Skye Contracts.

A snapshot on what we have seen and heard last week;

  • How a fast track process & modular offering standards enables better partnerships and prompt deal-making driving an increase revenues and reduction in cost
  • How Artificial Intelligence is being used to simplify contract language. Amazing to hear that there are legal sentences over the 1,000 words.
  • How Simple legal language brings trust in relationships and even the understanding with legal experts. Increasing the community who really understands the contract from 12% towards a much better %.
  • How Block-chain is a game changer in speed with the Logistics & Shipping industry having long supply chains
  • How a Block-chain solution was developed and implemented within weeks and created significant reduction in cost for the public services in the USA. Amazing to see how fast and success can be materialized with starting from zero block-chain knowledge
  • How contract performance measurement & transparency becomes sexy in commercial roles to celebrate success
  • How integration of key value driver contract & commercial management in projects delivers success. Why organizational capabilities are critical to avoid value leakage
  • What a golden standard of automation in Contract & Commercial looks like with 14 key functionality defined
  • What the view is on how contract & commercial management will develop in the future
  • BIG Debate on the relentless drive of technology to govern, manage and ultimately to make decisions about our trading relationships is a threat to the conditions and values and ethical standards
  • And many more ……interesting facts and examples

Don’t worry if you missed this exciting event, as this conference was the first regional cycles. There are still two other regional conferences to go!

The next one is about a week from now: The IACCM Australasia. Click the enclosed hyperlink if you want to join

Or if you want to hear more on how these innovation enables better contract outcomes for you business: give us a call or send us e-mail to