A 30.000 ft Health Check on Your Commercial & Contract Management Framework

A free self-assessment

In the article “How Contracting Can Help Companies Win in a Low Prices Commodity World”, we provided you with a view tips and thoughts to improve your Commercial & Contract Management Framework.

  1. Not all contracts/deals are of equal importance
  2. Deal teams benefit from being cross-functional
  3. Maximizing value by managing your contract portfolio
  4. A structured approach with the right tools avoid waste

We offer you an unique opportunity to assess your actual Commercial & Contract Management Framework through a free test of 20 high level questions we have prepared for you. We trust it may trigger some reflections for change.

Good luck!

IF you liked the assessment and want to get more into the weeds; check out our Benchmarking Study offering.

Welcome to your Commercial & Contracting Health Check

Do you manage all contracts more or less in the same way?

Do you create a contract/deal team in all cases?

Do you plan ahead and determine the expected outcomes?

Is there one person in the organisation with enough insight into all the competing issues in the offering or will you benefit from a cross functional team perspective?

Does everyone understand the objective and terms of the deal? Is your organisation ready to deliver the value from day 1?

Will your customer or supplier with a bespoke contract be set up to maximise value being offered from day 1?

Do you know the supplier or customer well enough to throw up options or respond to options that may not be standard but may be of value?

Do you value your contracts with a risk assessment

Do you know how the commodity prices impacts your finished products?

Do you know when a contract is about to expire?

Do you have all contracts stored, complete with amendments and is it the latest version?

Are you triggered to get a signed contract back from your customer and are the terms still the same?

Are your key Sales and Supply contracts delivering the expected value?

Do you monitor the contract performance to detect the expectation gaps on the contract portfolio?

Is the contract reviews part of someone's job description?

Do you know the root causes of the expectation gap?

Are there mitigation plans and are they effective?

Are scope changes accommodated in the contract?

After completing this check list, my thoughts on contracting are: