Year End Renewals: Here We Go Again – 5 Tips to Make Deal Making Smarter Saving Time & Money!

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Two months to go! If not renewed, serious stress will be starting for your customer operations or supply chain operations organisations. There are better ways to deal with this issue than just  “roll it over” or extend the “end date” of your deal. As we approach year-end, we are noticing more and more stress and […]

A 30.000 ft Health Check on Your Commercial & Contract Management Framework

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A free self-assessment In the article “How Contracting Can Help Companies Win in a Low Prices Commodity World”, we provided you with a view tips and thoughts to improve your Commercial & Contract Management Framework. Not all contracts/deals are of equal importance Deal teams benefit from being cross-functional Maximizing value by managing your contract portfolio […]

What Science Does Know and Organisations Are Failing To Do With Major Contracts For Capital Projects

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Join us in our Key-Note Speech at the EMEA IACCM Conference in Krakow. An overwhelming number of studies and research has been done in past 30 years on Major Contracts related to Capital & Construction Projects. Value leakage remains to be a significant issue in development contracts. It’s surprising to see that development capital assets are still […]

Checklist #2: Processes as Value Driver to Create Double Digits Returns

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We discussed in our last blogs how successful companies invest in innovation with their people skills, processes and tools. The result: improved commercial excellence capability leading to higher operating profits. So what has been changing in Processes in the last decade? The game has been changed in Sales and Procurement capabilities with two key themes; 1. […]

5 Tips To Get Funding For Growth As Banks Will Do Less In Credit/Funds

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Last week I attended ‘The Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SME) Conference’ in the Netherlands. My take away of the keynote speaker Mr. Klaas Knot, the president of the Dutch central bank, was his future perspective that commercial banks will reduce providing credit/funds to and will move focus on other services. Mr. Knot made recommendation to […]

What ‘Good Looks Like’ In Commercial & Contract Management?

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What ‘Good Looks Like’ Although universal for any business activity, critical for the success of the value outcome in your Commercial & Contract Management is that Process, People & Tools need to be interlinked and need to be in balance with dimensions of the organisation; fit for purpose. For example, only implementing Contract Lifecycle Management doesn’t deliver […]