A 30.000 ft Health Check on Your Commercial & Contract Management Framework

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A free self-assessment In the article “How Contracting Can Help Companies Win in a Low Prices Commodity World”, we provided you with a view tips and thoughts to improve your Commercial & Contract Management Framework. Not all contracts/deals are of equal importance Deal teams benefit from being cross-functional Maximizing value by managing your contract portfolio […]

Contract Management Innovation Provides Low Hanging Fruits On Top Line Growth

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Our team returned from the exciting experience of the 2018 IACCM EMEA Conference in Krakow last week. Already for a decade a member of the International Association of Contract & Commercial Management, we are not surprised to see that the business member growth is exponential. Where in the beginning a large community of lawyers and […]

Checklist #2: Processes as Value Driver to Create Double Digits Returns

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We discussed in our last blogs how successful companies invest in innovation with their people skills, processes and tools. The result: improved commercial excellence capability leading to higher operating profits. So what has been changing in Processes in the last decade? The game has been changed in Sales and Procurement capabilities with two key themes; 1. […]