Opportunity Realisation Process Best Practices in Project Management Oil & Gas Industry

Do you want……

  • Understand how you can avoid the typical pitfalls in realising opportunities
  • Bring your projects as expected within time and cost in an agile manner
  • Assess and identify the gaps with your project development & execution process

Who Should Attend,

  • Opportunity & Project Decision Makers
  • Project Managers,
  • Project Procurement,
  • Project Finance
  • Legal Counsel
  • Leaders who are interested in the Project Management Best Practices

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Purpose & Urgency 

In the current world reality, we see that a lot of projects are failing to meet their objectives.

This is confirmed by a large number of independent researches and studies, which provide us the information; there is a significant value loss in today’s competitive business landscape.

Training & Workshop Objectives & Benefits

This training & workshop provides you the knowledge on how to realise opportunities successfully .

First, we will get into the background and evolution of man- agement of capital projects. Here we will go through the Good, Bad and Ugly in Mega projects.

Followed up why it’s critical and urgent to transform the project development and execution processes at best practice level. We provide you the concepts of International Oil & Gas companies best practices in realising opportunities.

In each section of the workshop we will go through group work to assess and identify differences and similarities of the best practices used within the top tier of IOC’s and the company own standards.

Training & Workshop Program

Module 1. Background and Evolution of Management of Capital Projects,
  • The management of investment projects
  • Best practices, pitfalls demonstrated by case studies
Module 2. Opportunity Realisation Process Best Practice,
  • Process
  • Governance
  • Organisation
  • Integration in decision making
Module 3. Governance of Joint Ventures,
  • Principles and objectives
  • Deal structuring and deal making process
  • Integration in decision making
Module 4. Project Management Framework, 
  • Project development process and tools
  • Project execution process and tools
  • Integration in decision making
Module 5. Contract Management and Tender Strategies, 
  • Contract Strategy
  • Structuring & design
  • Tender & negotiations
  • Operations
  • Integration in decision making

About the Trainers

Our trainers & coaches are experienced Commercial, Finance, Project Management, Legal with on average 20+ years active involvement in the Oil & Gas industry across the world.

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Practical Information; Course Locations, Dates, Prices, Enrolment etc.

This is a highly interactive in house training and workshop event, which will include plenty of short case examples and real life illustrations, which will help to reinforce the learning concepts and outcomes.

This training & workshop will be delivered in a in-house modus only.

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