How the Magic of Focus Will Help You in Creating Value in a Low Prices Commodity World

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Since entering into the low price commodity world, companies are looking for cost reduction opportunities to offset their income drop. There are several ways to reduce your costs and one major area is through the managing contracts. If you want to realise a lasting and sustainable material impact in your cash flow, you must focus […]

How To Reduce Your Fuel Bill Further And Stand Out In Your Logistics Service Tenders?

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Considerable fuel cost savings have been progressed! Significant cost reductions in logistics have been delivered during the last decade. Effectively delivered by being smarter with the fuel consumption solutions such as increasing pay-loads, volumes, engine- & vessel efficiency and route optimisation. On average a significant fuel cost reduction of approx 20%. Are the logistic cost […]

Our Value Offering To Progress You To ‘What Good Looks Like’

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We support you to progress towards ‘What Good Looks Like’ Competitive returns for your business and happy customers! The practical outcome of good commercial contract management. This simple commercial value creation concept is about, action oriented commercial contract planning, prioritised prospecting, value based deal making and day in day out delivering what we promised by managing commercial contracts. WE CAN HELP TO REALIZE […]

What ‘Good Looks Like’ In Commercial & Contract Management?

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What ‘Good Looks Like’ Although universal for any business activity, critical for the success of the value outcome in your Commercial & Contract Management is that Process, People & Tools need to be interlinked and need to be in balance with dimensions of the organisation; fit for purpose. For example, only implementing Contract Lifecycle Management doesn’t deliver […]