Our Value Offering

Competitive returns for your business and happy customers! The practical outcome of good commercial & contract management.

We help to realise your profitability and working capital improvements for your business. Through improving your Sale to Cash and Purchase to Pay processes with the following services;  


We benchmark your current Commercial & Contract Management activities to the ‘What Good Looks like’ grid in maturing your organisational capabilities. We provide you an external view on the actions you need to implement to get a more efficient, effective and yielding Commercial & Contract Management for your organisation.

Read more about our BloomingContracts.com benchmark, click to download our fact sheet;  Benchmarking Study.  

Process Transformation

We implement a structured process improvement on Commercial & Contract Management in your organisation as defined by the Benchmark study action items to meet ‘What Good Looks like’ grid. We implement the actions related to the process, content, tools and organisation to activate an efficient, effective and yielding Commercial & Contract Management for your organisation. Read more about our approach on Process Improvements, click to download our fact sheet;  Process Transformation



We train your staff in classroom or in-house on the fundamentals skills to make Commercial & Contract Management work for your organisation. In the case you don’t have adequate staff available, we offer you our skills to set up a competence development plan to transform your organisation or select and recruit already skilled Commercial Contract Managers to ensure that your Commercial & Contract Management framework continuously improves. 

Read more about the learning program of our Alliance Partner IACCM, click to download the fact sheet;  IACCM’s Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management Learning Program, or click here to learn more about our BloomingContracts.com Strategic Procurement & Contract Management training. 

Advice & Support

In the case your business doesn’t have the critical mass to hire a full time skilled Commercial Contract Manager or to implement Contract Management tool for your High Value and Risk contracts or not enough capacity to support your capital projects, we provide your business Contract Management As A Service, click to download the fact sheet for the support of capital projects; Contract Management As A Service

Here we cover the following activities; Contract Planning, Contract Prospecting, Contract Optimisation, Deal Making and Contract Performance Monitoring. 

If you’re interested and want to read more, click to download our fact sheet;  BloomingContracts.com Value Offering