Checklist: Is Your Commercial Organisation Ready In Doubling The Digits Of Your Operating Profits?

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The credit crisis of 2008 had a significant impact on all organisations. What has happened post crisis to your organisation in the decade that has followed? If nothing has changed dramatically in your commercial organisation in the last decade, your company may still be in crisis mode. A simple question to ask yourself: Have operating […]

5 Tips To Get Funding For Growth As Banks Will Do Less In Credit/Funds

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Last week I attended ‘The Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SME) Conference’ in the Netherlands. My take away of the keynote speaker Mr. Klaas Knot, the president of the Dutch central bank, was his future perspective that commercial banks will reduce providing credit/funds to and will move focus on other services. Mr. Knot made recommendation to […]

How the Magic of Focus Will Help You in Creating Value in a Low Prices Commodity World

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Since entering into the low price commodity world, companies are looking for cost reduction opportunities to offset their income drop. There are several ways to reduce your costs and one major area is through the managing contracts. If you want to realise a lasting and sustainable material impact in your cash flow, you must focus […]