ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model 2018

1 Day Course to ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model 2018

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  • Bring your knowledge to the next level; how to manage Turnkey Project with Contracts
  • Understand the typical pitfalls of Projects as presented by the Academic World & Professional Bodies
  • Discover and Apply ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model 2007 & 2018 update

Who Should Attend,

  • Project Managers,
  • Project Procurement,
  • Project Finance
  • Legal Counsel
  • Leaders who are interested in the Procurement Best Practices

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Purpose & Urgency 

Todays business is conducted with a dazzling number of contracts, to buy or sell products and/or services with the aim to create profitable cash-flow bottom line.

A vast number of independent research and studies provides us the information, there is a significant value leakage in todays competitive business landscape.

Learning Objectives & Benefits

This course provides you knowledge on how to manage Turnkey Projects with Contract Models successfully.

We will first get a common ground on basic foundational knowledge of value leakage, typical pitfalls in major contracts for projects as presented by the academic world and professional bodies in procurement.

Where we progress your understanding of ICC the products and specifically the ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model. We provide you the discovery how the ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model with a real world case study to bring the knowledge and understanding alive.

Course Program

Module 1. Value Leakage and Pitfalls in Major Contract for Capital Projects,
  • Independent research findings and recommendations
  • Pitfalls Illustrated
  • Organisational Capabilities
Module 2. ICC Products & Services for Trade,
  • ICC
  • ICC Products Structure
  • ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model & Alternatives
Module 3. Structure ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model,
  • Addressing Value Leakage & Pitfalls
  • Addressing Stakeholder Needs
  • Structure ICC Turnkey Project Contract Model version 2007 & 2018 Update
Module 4. Apply ICC Terms — A real world case study to bring the learning alive.

About the Trainers

Our trainers & coaches are independent senior experience Commercial, Finance, Legal managers with on average 20+ year active involvement in leading Commercial & Contract Management with large in- dustrial and wholesale companies across the world.

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